Open Fortress

build 1747 (21.08.2021)

Since OF download got pulled down for unknown reasons (so-called arrangement with Valve), i decided to pack up my last build and upload it here.

This build seems to be compatible with most of the public servers (didn't test too much, just joined all of them), some don't work because of the different dm_skate.bsp map (28.08.2021 update).

Because of my poor network connection and CPU, i packed it up to a tar.zst archive (ZSTD-19).

To unpack the archive:

Windows: 7-Zip-zstd (you'll probably need to extract the tar file first, then the OF from the tar, that's just a 7-Zip flaw)

Linux: KDE's Ark, GNOME's file-roller, MATE's Engrampa, or Xfce's Thunar (with zstd plugin), usually through Right click -> Extract [...].

Using tar utility (terminal): tar --zstd -xvf openfortress_build-1747_08-2021.tar.zst -C <path where to extract to, optionally)

macOS: Keka?


MD5: 5d163a421c2cb639fd7d20182e78576d